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Tyneside Consumer Group



Who are we?

We are a non-political, voluntary group, based in the north-east of England, providing a voice for consumers in our area.


What are our aims?

To present the views and suggestions of consumers to those who provide and regulate the provision of goods and services.


What do we do?

  • We press for improvements to local services.
  • We provide information to our members through our publication Tyne Buy
  • We discuss consumer issues and channel our views through our National Federation
  • We organise visits and talks

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How do I join?

Our Annual Subscription is £10

For an application form please click here


What do we do?


Our areas of interest include 

  • Better local transport -trains, planes, buses and Metro

  •  Hospital car parking charges

  • Financial services

  • Clearer food labelling


Recent speakers have covered topics such as

  • Banking services

  • Fire safety in the home

  • Local recycling


We have visited

  • Metro control centre

  • Tyneside Cinema – behind the scenes

  • The new Newcastle Central Library

  • Tyne and Wear Museum Store at Beamish


We publish

  • Our magazine Tyne Buy 3 times a year. Our latest issue (Winter 2013) is available here.

  • Members also receive NCF's national consumer magazine “Consumer News”.


How you get to read back

How you get to read back issues of Tyne Buy?

What happens to back copies

What happens to back copies is up to Tyneside Group.

We don't currently have the storage width to cope with every group's back numbers.


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