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Welcome to the National Consumer Federation

Please note that the NCF web site is under review and update for 2015


We are

  • A leading voice for grass roots consumers and consumer organisations
  • Representing local consumers nationally
  • Campaigning to improve consumer rights for everybody

We support front line consumers with local issues acting as an umbrella where issues are repeated in different areas.


NCF Strategy


Our latest strategy document is available to download.

NCF Consumer Congress

We aim to run annual consumer congresses to enable a sharing of concerns about topical issues and to raise the consumer profile with government and regulators.



You will find where we are active on our groups page. We would urge you to join if you see something there that will help you. If we are missing something important to you then please let us know via our contacts page.  Perhaps we can help you get in touch with others to get a group going. News from our local groups can also be found in the Consumer News.