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Welcome to the National Consumer Federation

The National Consumer Federation’s national policy 


The need to work together


pull togther



For over 50 years the NCF has represented and supported the work of voluntary, independent local consumer groups, individuals and those in other organisations that have an interest in consumer affairs.



Further information about the NCF role  can be found here. 


Failure to understand consumers and address their needs, in a good quality way, is wasting consumer’s time and money, whether that is through the prices, or the taxes that we pay.


The National Consumer Federation believes that putting consumers and ‘what good looks like” for consumers at the heart of the UK economy, regulation and industry codes of practice is vital, benefiting consumers, business and the economy as a whole.


The NCF runs Consumer Congress and is consulted by Government and business on a wide range of consumer affairs. In promoting and representing independent consumer interests, the NCF has a successful track record in raising and resolving consumer issues.


Government refers to a consumer landscape – the NCF sees a consumer movement whereby even in the 21st Century the different parts need to be brought together more effectively within a national process.


Whether your organisation is local or national join us to enhance the consumer movement’s coherence and your own organisation’s membership and work.


Or join us as an individual who wants to address consumer policy issues, improve consumer law, and/or regulation. 

If you would like to join the NCF as an individual or a group please e mail secretary"at"